Outreach and Promotion Strategies and Hand Drawn Media!

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When we are making rad stuff happen, we want to make sure that folks in the community around us know about it, otherwise...what's the point?!

If you want to learn some fun and creative outreach and promotion strategies and how to create media in a low-tech and fun way then this workshop is for you!

After covering some general strategies that we've employed in Vancouver for doing outreach such as on street outreach with a cargo-bike, creating a mock bike lane and street treatments at street festivals, building email lists, tabling at events, and strategies for putting up posters and disseminating handbills, stickers, etc, we will then talk about how to create our own hand-drawn media using simple tools such as pens, coloured pencils, scissors, scanners, and photo copiers!

A component of this workshop will be interactive and will include time to draw our own media that can be used as a basis for later communications tools. WOO!

DISCLAIMER: Even if you don't identify as artistic or think you like drawing, you CAN make dope media! FOR REAL! We'll talk about how!




Community Outreach

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