Bike!Bike! 2019

Tijuana, Mexico

October 10 – 13, 2019
Bike!Bike! 2019 poster

Bike!Bike! 2019

Dear pedal compañerxs,

Bike!Bike! is an international, annual gathering organized by and for community bicycle projects. The conference is a space for participants from shops and related advocacy groups to converge in a different city each year over a 4 day period to have workshops and strengthen our social network.

With lots of care and intent we invite you all to Bike! Bike! 2019 Tijuana.

As one of the most transited border cities in the world, we as hosts intentionally introduce it from the complexity, contradictions and the dreams of the people who live here and are here passing through it. It can be a good motive to analyze, discuss, activate and reflect on the absurdity that results from borders, physical and imaginary. It gives us room to think about the privileges that we exercise and the violences that we live here in these latitudes. In addition, finding ourselves in these paths encourages us to appreciate one another, embrace each other, take care of each other and support each other mutually. For that reason we share with you all this information so your time here is the most pleasant, reflective and joyful.


The fund page is ready.

Everyone is invited to colaborate

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What is travel equity?

Travel equity is an exercise based in mutual aid, solidarity and co-learning within Bike Bike. Funds are raised so people and collectives working with community bicycle projects can attend Bike Bike. Any money raised towards this fund will go towards covering transportation and facilitating the migratory process, with visas etc.

How can you support?

Join the Travel Equity committee for Bike Bike Tijuana 2019, where this effort of solidarity is being organized and developed.

Contact us if you know any people and/or collectivities that would like to access the funds. Organize an event to raise funds in your community.


Donations are open from all parts of the world.


For more information, click on this link.

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A huge part of hosting Bike! Bike! in Tijuana is the network we're able to form. Without the north being that far up north, or the south that far below.

Down with the walls that separate us.

We've been bringing bikes from San Diego little by little, crossing the border by foot with them.

We want more bicycles, not just for Bike! Bike! but also for other projects that are being developed on this side of the border.

Everyone coming to Bike! Bike! Tijuana can bring one or more bicycles and leave them here. We also need tools and spare parts. We can send you a list of what we need and are looking for. Write to us at

With mutual aid we'll make our network stronger.

Workshops and Discussions

An important part within Bike! Bike! is the activities (workshops, presentations, discussions, meetings, rides, etc…) done by it’s attendees. 

Please sign up your activity proposal at or email it to us along with a description in Spanish and English, no more than 100 words. If you need help with the translation email us at Deadline: September 20. 

By clicking on each year you can find a list of topics addressed in the past: :2018 2017 2015 2013 2012 2011

Here you can find a guide for proposing, preparing and facilitating activities: GUIDE .The workshops can be from 50 to 110 minutes. 

Some of the activity topics we would like to see this year in Tijuana include:

-Pedaling as a liberatory practice, of healing, of protesting (feelings, ideas, etc…)

-Autonomy and DIY ethics/practices in ongoing construction within bike collectivities, community workshops/stores, cooperatives, etc…

-Through bikes, community workshops and projects: Strengthening ways to co-exist that are non violent and alternative to the ableist and ageist cis-heteronormative patriarchal capitalist neoliberal system. 

- Eradicating cis-heteronormal/patriarcal violences we have internalized and that we replicate in communal spaces.  

-Exchanges of: experiences, tools, information and knowledge  

-Tools for working on multilingual and multicultural projects 

-Teaching and co-learning methods that are hands off 

-Non punitive conflict resolution without replicating the prison system 

-Differences and coincidences of a community workshop in Latin America in comparison with the United States and Canada.

- How to replicate community workshops that are conscious of their context, in Latin America and beyond. 

-Suggestions and/or recommendations for opening a community workshop, do I have to start from zero?

- How to create similar safe space agreements in community workshops that are culturally, socially, politically and economically different? 

- People mobility (mechanics, volunteers, etc…) between community workshops in different geographies 

- Experience with mobile workshops and the appropriation of public spaces 

- No borders, no forced migration. No more displacement. The anti-gentrification struggle. What is the role of bikes?

-Building solidarity, not charity

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