Bike!Bike! 2016

Bike!Bike! is an international annual gathering organized by and for community bike projects and collectives that use the bicycle as a vehicle to create positive social and community change and solidarity. This conference is a space for participants from shops and related advocacy groups to converge in a different city each year over a 4 day period to attend workshops and share ideas.

In 2016, Bike!Bike! will be held in Detroit, Michigan, also known widely as “The Motor City”. Bike!Bike! is being hosted by Back Alley Bikes/The Hub of Detroit, the city’s oldest local cooperative. During our pitch to host Bike!Bike!, we talked about how Detroit is where the “age of the car” was born; and where it can die. It doesn’t matter how big or small; if you have a warehouse or a living room floor, if you like bikes, you’re invited!

Join us this fall, September 29th-October 2nd in Detroit to meet all the awesome people living on two wheels in the shadow of four.

Proposed Workshops

Would you like to facilitate your own workshop? Simply register and visit the workshops page. If you have already registered you can access the page by restarting the registration process.

  • Allmountain for girls

    7 people are interested in this workshop

    MTB  Allmountain/ enduro It is known as hard discipline, It is common practice that many men do. But not so many girls.

    Sometimes fear overcomes us  we limit ourselves. But we should not fear the mountain, we can do it too. 

    We want to transmit this MTB Enduro love to women and we know that we can reach many hearts.  By Teaching MTB skills from woman to woman. To feel safe and confident, and so, they are encouraged to practice MTB allmountain.

  • Bicycle-Powered Machines

    13 people are interested in this workshop

    When is a bicycle not a bicycle? Bicycle-powered machines / pedal-machines have been built and used in many different communities for a variety of purposes - grinding grains without electricity, powering a music festival with your feet, connecting a bicycle crank to a lathe! Let's talk about these machines and how they are used and built. How can you incorporate them into your space or use them to connect to your community?

  • Bike Collective Software: An Overview

    15 people are interested in this workshop

    During this session we would like to present the various software projects that are being developed by and for bike collectives. We will give an overview of each project, what was accomplished this year, and what we plan to accomplish next year and years to come. We will also field questions and have discussions as time permits.


    The Bike!Bike! website has come a long way in the past few years. Now, instead of being rebuilt each year, we have one website which we can use to retain knowledge from year-to-year. Getting to a stable state has been a challenge, our next challenges will be to add new features to finally make use of the knowledge that exists.


    Bike Collectives

    The Bike Collectives website has not been updated in some time but there are plans to change that.



    SignIn is an iOS software project that tracks volunteer hours.


    Intended Audience

    Anyone interested in:

    • software systems
    • hosting a Bike!Bike!
    • volunteering by copy-writing, translating, designing, developing, managing, or any other way that you think you might be able to involve yourself

  • Bike Parts For The Rest Of Us

    11 people are interested in this workshop

    We own and operate a not-for-profit bike shop with a primary mission of giving bicycles to people in need. We had difficulty finding affordable sources for the items we need to repair bicycles, especially older bicycles. Major suppliers were not interested in us because we wouldn't spend enough money, plus they didn't carry some of the items we needed most. We occasionally arranged to buy parts at wholesale prices through other local bike shops, but this was cumbersome. Other non-profit bike programs in our area were facing the same issues, so we started a wholesale bicycle parts distribution company specifically tailored to the needs of non-profit shops and programs. This workshop will explain why we started Midway Bicycle Supply, and how non-profits can benefit from having direct access to wholesale items. We will bring a selection of the parts we offer for participants to examine, including our exclusive 27 x 1 3/8 studded tires! While larger organizations may have established supplier relationships, really small enterprises have difficulty meeting the requirements. We have removed most of the barriers for small non-profits to get direct access to wholesale pricing, allowing your organization to get more for your money.

  • Civically engaging youth through biking

    15 people are interested in this workshop

    Our workshop will cover our outreach successes and failures on youth engagement in Long Beach. We operate a youth led bike hub out of Houghton Park, a 3 acre park in North Long Beach. We'll cover how to approach youth in communities of color, share our information from our youth engagement summit, and share our experiences with civic engagement. 

  • Conflict resolution; Let's all get along

    4 people are interested in this workshop

    Disagreements, arguments, squabbles, outbursts, shouting matches, resentment, disdain. I have witnessed (and in some cases, mediated) all of these at my previous bicycle collective (FreeRide Pittsburgh. I moved country and am currently collectiveless). My workshop aims to help volunteers and staff recognize early signs of conflict or negativity. When easily and accurately identified, individual concerns can be appropriately handled given the right tools, and emotional lability can also be dealt with in a healthy way. I'm hoping my workshop (+ role-playing) will allow people the chance to explore triggers for conflict and ways to handle conflict, so that staff and leaders can return to their co-ops and effectively mediate issues that arise. 

  • How do you do EARN-a-BIKE? (Panel of Youth Oriented COOP's)

    8 people are interested in this workshop

    Open panel of youth oriented community bike shops that can discuss the structure of their earn-a-bike program, how to stay engaged with kids, how to build safe relationship with youth that are not invasive, how to stay in contact with parents and family members. Open to any youth community bike shop leaders to discuss these concepts and answer questions regarding challenges, successes, and start-ups.

  • Managing Growth As Growth As A Crazy/Sexy/Cool Bike Co-op

    16 people are interested in this workshop

    Hey all,

    Hope this workshop description finds you well. My name is Jamal, a board member and Treasurer for the Bridge City Bicycle Co-operative (BCBC). I would like to put on a workshop discussing the management of growth for community owned cycling shops, bike co-ops,cycling non-profits, and all forms of DIY bike initatives.

    We at BCBC have undergone a phenomenal amount of growth over the last few years in every sense of the word. To be completely honest with you, it still is freaks us out since we barely take ourselves seriously. But as circumstance would have it, our community and city do take us seriously. As such, we've had to rise up to the challenge of being the best bike co-op we can be. 

    We have learned a ton of lessons about managing this cycling co-operative madness most of us at BCBC like to call our third home. We think we have a few pieces of wisdom to pass on to the rest of the DIY cycling community. Where better than Bike!Bike! to convey wisdom?

    See all of you beautiful people in late September. Can't wait to learn and grow with you.


    Jamal Tekleweld care of The Bridge City Bicycle Co-operative

  • Proposal: Disengaging from the White Savior Complex

    15 people are interested in this workshop

    The following is a proposal for a workshop from Ricky Rodriguez. The workshop needs a lead facilitator, please request to become a facilitator if you are interested in leading this workshop, otherwise it may not happen.

    Mainstream bicycle culture appeals to wealthy white folks, particularly white men. that's no different within all of cycling subcultures, including community bike projects. This is old news. What are true and authentic ways that we can build equity and autonomy within the communities we participate in?

    Diversity is complex. It requires us to take a hard look at ourselves, the community projects we participate in, the communities we are "helping", our implicit bias, our privilege, and where we fit in this fight for equity. Let's have a conversation about systemic oppression, diversity, equity, and how these topics relate to community bike spaces.

  • Refugee Bicycle Workshops

    One person is interested in this workshop

    Looking for a way to help out Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, and other refugees from around the world who've just arrived and need transportation? I'll outline how to reach out to your local refugee population to provide bicycles and bike repair and establish a lasting relationship with local non-profits that resettle refugees. Details will include how to run a workshop, how to navigate language barriers, and how to ensure the program lasts. 

  • Running Women & Trans Hours at your bike Co op

    13 people are interested in this workshop

    How to start and maintain a Women & Trans* (or WTF, or whatever you like to call it/parameters your community needs!!) space in your bike collective.

    Bike Pirates (Toronto) has been running a successful Women & Trans* program every Sunday for the past 8 years. Through the good times and the bad, tea parties, dance breaks, Reddit discussion about our "sexism" and numerous angry cis dudes, we have thrived, and provided a necessary and exciting space for our community.

    We will help lead a discussion around Safe-r spaces, policies, language and dialogue, how to push for what you need, and how others can be allies. Brought to you by Women & Trans* Sundays!

  • Sustainability and Transition in a Post-Disaster City

    I'm Catarina, Chief Volunteer at RAD Bikes, a workshed and non-profit in Christchurch, New Zealand. I'd love to share some of our learnings as a group who formed after a series devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. We have been "in transition" since then and in spite of transition, risen to be the budding shed we are today. 

    Our mission is to improve access to cycling, minimise waste and develop community wellbeing. In the last 5 years, we've grown legs of our own and blossomed into a RAD organisation with lots to share (both on the failures and learnings side of things).

    I'd love to get input from the community of bike co-ops and collectives on what it means to be a 'community', build and grow that community, and foster a diverse, welcoming environment for both cyclists and volunteers.

    Christchurch, New Zealand is full of roving touring cyclists, passerbys and temp-workers. We've established two fully-functioning workshops alongside our weekly open-hours, Wheel Womyn Wednesdays and After-Schools Programme, on a boot-strapped budget and the sweat of an oily rag. We'd love to share our learnings and learn from others from all ends of the world. 

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