Bike!Bike! 2019

Tijuana, Mexico

October 11 – 13, 2019
Bike!Bike! 2019 poster

Bike!Bike! 2019

Dear pedal compañerxs,

With lots of care and intent we invite you all to Bike! Bike! 2019 Tijuana.

As one of the most transited border cities in the world, we as hosts intentionally introduce it from the complexity, contradictions and the dreams of the people who live here and are here passing through it. It can be a good motive to analyze, discuss, activate and reflect on the absurdity that results from borders, physical and imaginary. It gives us room to think about the privileges that we exercise and the violences that we live here in these latitudes. In addition, finding ourselves in these paths encourages us to appreciate one another, embrace each other, take care of each other and support each other mutually. For that reason we share with you all this information so your time here is the most pleasant, reflective and joyful.

#BB19Tijuana #BBTj

Workshops and Discussions

A main part of Bike! Bike! is the activities (workshops, discussions,etc.) offered by all of you, it's attendees! Check out this guide to proposing, preparing and facilitating activities:

(to access the guide, copy and paste the following link to a new tab)

BBTj is committed to building language justice for the entire gathering, and to have interpreters for all activities. For that reason, propose your activity via the registration page or by sending us an email at by Septembre 1!

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