Decolonization and the Community Bike Shop Movement

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As a movement dedicated to social justice, breaking down barriers, and building inclusive communities full of empowered folks who work together to achieve shared goals, it's important that our work acknowledges, bolsters, and contributes to broader global movements dedicated to decolonization.

From Standing Rock to Burnaby Mountain to Palestine and all over the globe, indigenous communities are coming together with settler allies to demand different systems, power-structures, and ways of life that honour and uphold age-old traditions and customs and connection to the land that have been obscured for far too long.

How can we, as facilitators of spaces in the community bike shop movement, leverage the tools, spaces, and relationships we have and continue to build to contribute to this global decolonization movement? How can we ensure that we are continually decolonizing our spaces, relationships, and practices? How are we ensuring that we are including, honouring, and lifting up indigenous voice in our communities and our work?

This conversation will be facilitated by Sarah Duby FioRito (ie. Sarah Duby Flow), a white jewish settler living in East Vancouver on Unceded Coast Salish Territories. What Sarah brings to the conversation is a commitment to decolonization, constant learning, and experience facilitating group conversations and community bike shops.




Race, Gender, or Class Politics

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