The community workshop walks!, with the construction of Bamboo Bikes.

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Autonomy is not a place to go is a way that is shared, grown and enjoyed.

We invite you to know the decision of Rila Libre Guadalajra to continue learning, sharing, continue to drive changes from within the workshop with the construction of Bamboo Bikes.

The Bamboo as raw material brings us to the possibility of creating a personalized bike, to our measure.

I know, it's romantic, but when you build your own bike materialize what you imagined, keep sharing, continue to generate community.

Why build a bamboo bike in community?

1st It is a shared desire.

2nd. The options available to learn, build or buy a bamboo bike are commercial and very expensive, our proposal is a community workshop to build bamboo bikes at low costs and / or used parts.

3rd Continue to grow the autonomy capacities of our Community Workshop

How to build bamboo bikes in the Community workshop?

The myth of the queen ant.

On the street.

Find Patterns.

Listen to feedback.

Artists of the control.



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