The Role of Community Bike Shops as Advocates

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As someone who works for a community bike shop (New Hope Community Bikes in Hamilton, ON) and does bike advocacy on the side, I'd be interested in sharing my experience and hearing from others about how they integrate advocacy, especially for better cycling infrastructure, into their CBS. Is providing affordable bikes/parts and a space for folks to take ownership of their repairs enough if they don't feel comfortable riding on the roads? Group rides and cycle safety education can help grow a cycling population, but can also highlight the lack of places where newer or less confident cyclists of all ages can comfortably ride. Infrastructure can also be inequitably distributed or seen as a marker of gentrification--what can we do to keep the advocacy process accountable and equitable? I'd like for this workshop to be an open discussion so we can learn from each other's experiences, but I'm happy to start things off/facilitate/take notes if needed.




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