Cyclo-feminism: then and now

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Who knew that women owe so much to the bicycle? To learn about the origins of this special bond, one must go back to the beginnings of feminism, in the late 1800s. Picture a time when women wore long dresses and corsets and when bicycles had a gigantic front wheel. How could they ever go together? Still, suffragettes came to love the bicycle, which gave them freedom of movement, and, well, pants. What else? The first half of this presentation will explore the great love story of bikes and feminism and see how it evolved through the decades.

What about today? Empowering women is still a serious side effect of the two-wheeled machine, as is demonstrated by the Montreal-based cyclo-feminist collective Les dérailleuses. With build-a-bike workshops, conferences (vELLE-oh!), zines (Londonderry vol. 1 and vol. 2) and more, Les dérailleuses want to challenge the sexism which permeates most aspects of the cycling world. Through the experiences of Les dérailleuses, we'll discuss how cyclo-feminism is still as relevant as ever.


English, French


Race, Gender, or Class Politics

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