Bike Parts for the Rest of Us

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We first gave this workshop at Bike!Bike! Detroit 2016 and Bike!Bike! SE in 2017. We run a small bike shop in St. Paul, MN, and had difficulty accessing wholesale suppliers of essential consumable repair parts, such as tires, tubes, grips, cables, housings, etc. The reason we were denied was that our shop didn't spend enough money. We found other non-profit bike organizations, particularly those that didn't include retail sales in their model, were also denied access to wholesale pricing. We needed a supplier, so we invested a significant chunk of our savings and founded Midway Bicycle Supply.

Our target customers are small, community bike shops and programs that don't need all the latest and greatest parts - they need the basics to keep older bicycles running. In other words, bike parts for the rest of us. No account is too small, and our prices are competitive with the large wholesale distributors. If your program is purchasing parts and supplies from other retail bike shops, or depending on recovering enough materials from scrapped bicycles, you need this workshop.

We will bring a selection of the items we offer, along with instructions on how to get your shop's account opened. Our business philosophy is based on cooperative economics, meaning that we cannot succeed unless you succeed. We also give 10% of all shop income to charity - notably a charity that gives away free food to those who need it, with no questions asked.





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