Oral history of Argentinian shops: the Suipacha case.

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Oral history is the way people from all over the world get the news, the myths and the fabulous unwritten rumours you will never know if there are real. There is a place in the world, in South America, called Argentina where the ‘talleres populares de ciclomecánica’ are becoming more and more, growing under the lights and the shadows of the big cities. Like a third world fairy tale, suddenly an old railway neighborhood in Córdoba is the perfect ground for making grow Suipacha, a place where people of all ages, genders and bicycles are becoming devotional about how bicycle spirit can change lifes.

Actually Suipacha is reborning. After being kicked up of the space, the construction of a new space in the hood is getting real with positive actions and magic. Know more about this crazyness!


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