Bike physical shop space layout/organization, lean thinking, 6S, and other razzle-dazzle Dilbert-speak

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The physical set up of a community bike shop is one factor of many crucial to its success. Workspace layout can change and every shop is different from bike cupboards, sports dressing rooms, garages, and animal hospital basements. Learn and share your tips and tricks about setting up for efficiency and ease of use. Spend more time hands on teaching and learning, and less time searching for tools and parts.

Then, learn and share some methods from the Japanese manufacturing sector and thinking related to:

  1. Lean thinking/continuous improvement;
  2. 6S (5S + safety)
  3. Communication boards (chalk/white boards) also known as "Huddle Boards",

... and discover and discuss how these ideas could be incorporated into your shop space.

Theme selected as mechanics although this is not a repair workshop.

Email photos of your bike shop space, even if you're not in this workshop, to for use in the workshop.

Note that based on proposed workshop timelines I require at least 80 minutes for this workshop. 110 minutes is OK too, and also this workshop could be split into a Part 1 and Part 2 if required.





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