Organizing Community Bicycle Rides as Vehicles for Social Justice & Equity

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Olatunji Oboi Reed is the Co-Founder of the Slow Roll Chicago bicycle movement. He will present an interactive presentation entitled "Organizing Community Bicycle Rides as Vehicles for Social Justice & Equity". The presentation will explore the role of community bicycle rides as vehicles to improve lives, transform neighborhoods and shift local policy. The presentation will explore a direct connection between community bicycle rides and the advancement of a bicycle advocacy agenda centered on bicycle equity and social justice in low-income communities of color.

The presentation will define bicycle equity as the equitable distribution of bicycle resources to people who need them the most and to people who stand to benefit the most from increased bike mode share. The presentation will make the case for local, national and international policies prioritizing bicycle equity as a vehicle for social justice. The presentation will share the role of bicycles and the activity of cycling in making neighborhoods and cities safer, healthier, more economically vibrant and ultimately more livable.The presentation will utilize as a case study Slow Roll Chicago's ride series and advocacy work in Chicago, Illinois, USA.




Race, Gender, or Class Politics

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