Caring (and self-care) for the carers

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Our work is commendable and satisfying, but also difficult. We remain patient with low wages, angry drivers and social injustice. We hold space for the vulnerable populations we strive to serve. We bike for transportation and work with our hands, which strengthens us. Yet we also suffer aches and pains, especially after a fall or collision. We enter into our activism with open hearts and enthusiasm. But maintaining that drive requires that we care for our bodies and minds.

Caring for ourselves is itself difficult. Few of us have access to private health insurance. Public health care rarely covers mental or paramedical health. Resources like meditation or yoga classes are gentrified and expensive. Even finding the time for self-care can be difficult while leading an activist life. So how can we maintain strong bodies and calm, resilient minds?

This workshop invites participants to share ways of doing so. This may include direct self-care or access to professional care. Self-care may include stretching routines, radical self-care, support groups, and more. Access to care may cover finding carers who will work pro-bono, on a sliding scale, or for barter. We may also discuss ways for our shops to help staff and volunteers to access care. We will be open to any other ideas folks have for keeping us strong and ready to help others.

We will post the results on the Bike Collectives wiki as a community resource.




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