The road towards a feminist public space

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An analysis of the media's treatment of situations of sexual abuse, assaults and aggression against women and girls of Argentina and Latin America. Those who chose the bicycle as a means of transportation could end up seeing  a triple the violence against those who dared to go beyond the “Restricted Entry Zones”: physical violence, media violence and state violence, the latter, for avoiding an auto and androcentric urban construction planning; from the mass media, for blaming directly and indirectly the victims for leaving home, as well as, trying to indoctrinate the people by telling them where they are allowed to ride, what time, which mode of transportation to take, in other words, how to  inhabit the city.

We invite you to problematize toxic hetero cis male behavior, considering that getting out of the “private space” causes a negative effect on male subjects.

We  will share the Las Bicibles`s strategies, a Feminist cycling and urban punk organization, from the north of Argentina and we hope to learn about your own strategies.


English, Spanish


Race, Gender, or Class Politics

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