Twinning: Sister Bike Collectives and Breaking Borders

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The concept of Twin, or Sister cities has been around for almost 12,000 years (wiki). As a way to promote cross-border collaboration and understanding, this concept could be applied to DIY Bike Collective Projects. The global DIY network is becoming larger and more spread out everyday, and Bike!Bike! is the perfect confluence for the beginning of a Sister Bike Project initiative.

This workshop will begin with a brainstorming session to develop and refine this concept. Some questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • How to match up Bike Projects to maximize collaboration and mutual benefit
  • What kind of exchanges would be beneficial/feasible?
  • What forms communication are most effective? (i.e physical/virtual)
  • Different ways to show Sister Project status (i.e art, plaques, photo boards, signs, emblems)

Once we begin to define these cross-border relationships a bit more, we will kick-off the first Sister Bike Project initiatives between Bike!Bike! participants. An agreement will be written in grease and grime and we will take our first steps towards documenting the collaborations so their successes/failures can be tracked and shared at a future Bike!Bike! workshop.


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