Bike!Bike! 2019

Tijuana, Mexico

October 11 – 13, 2019
Bike!Bike! 2019 poster

Bike!Bike! 2019

Dear pedal compañerxs,

With lots of care and intent we invite you all to Bike! Bike! 2019 Tijuana.

We encourage you to circulate these posters with familiar and new compañerxs, at long distances, in a spirit of transgressing our borders, those that are noticeable and invisible, to co-create this gathering of mutual aid, do-it-yourself/do-it-together (D.I.Y/D.I.T) ethics and practices, and intent!

Next up is the registration page and additional information.

Cross border greetings from the organizing group, a diverse group of individuals & collectivities that include Bicis Disidentes, Antena Los Ángeles and Cuir Kitchen Brigade.

#BB19Tijuana #BBTj


You'd like to collaborate for BBTj? Yay! We appreciate it! Please write to us via email at and include the following:

+ name and preferred gender pronoun if you have one (she, he, they, etc.)

+ the language(s) you feel comfortable in communicating (speaking/reading/writing)

+ the ways &/or day(s) you would like to collaborate

+ any ways you would like to be supported as we work together!

*** NOTE ***

For Bike! Bike! 19 Tijuana we are organizing with our compas of Antena Los Ángeles towards the entire gathering being rooted in language justice, fully bilingual in Spanish & in English. This takes a lot of advanced preparation work as well as lots of work during the event. If you know are interested in interpreting during the weekend or translating material before the event or during (scribbing if needed) please write to us with the subject line *building language justice*.

What is language justice?

Language justice is based in the idea that everyone has the right to communicate in the language in which we feel most comfortable, to understand and to be understood. Language justice is a shared commitment to creating bilingual/multilingual spaces where no language dominates over any other. We can use tools such as interpretation, the practice of a language being transferred into another language verbally/signed, and translation, the practice of a language being transferred into another language written, to build language justice.

More about our compas of Antena Los Ángeles:

Antena Los Ángeles is a collective dedicated to language justice advocacy and organizing in Los Angeles. We work with individuals and groups to develop bilingual and multilingual spaces, using as our primary tools interpretation, translation, consulting, and education to expand the capacity to create spaces where everyone can participate fully. We believe that language justice is part of social justice.

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