Back to School: challenges and opportunities for college town community bike shops

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Would love to partner with a couple of other college town community shop leaders to shape some content for, and present, Part 1. Particularly any shop leaders who have managed to obtain subsidized or gratis shop space on a university campus or other significant funding from a university.


University towns are excellent environments for community bike shops. Not only is cycling an efficient mode of campus transportation, but universities are hubs of education, social equity, and environmental activism. Hear dozens of ways in which other established shops in college towns have partnered with universities, ranging from abandoned bike recycling, to mechanical engineering design projects, to advocating bike safety and security. Share your experiences, learn from others, and bring home successful models you can reference in proposals to your local community, or to inform starting a new community shop in a college town.

Part I: Presentation of ideas and solutions specific to college town communities, including ways to formally and informally collaborate with administration, students, faculty, and parents in the areas of safety and security, bike recycling, academic collaborations, campus & transportation planning, community relations, and more.

Part II: Discussion among all participants, including further ideas and Q&A amongst each other.




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