B!B!E! Nuts and Bolts

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Behind the Scenes

Learn what makes Bike!Bike! Everywhere! possible:

  • Meet this year's organizers
  • Hard work and magic
Language Justice


  • We need YOU! We are you!
  • Ability to speak & read in Spanish & English
will make meetings easier
will make your role easier
  • Three year commitments preferred
Year 1 - learn & do
Year 2 - teach & do
Year 3 - be there for questions (with option to transfer into new role)
  • On-the-unpaid-job training
  • Letters of reference
  • Be a part of our sweet little community
  • All volunteers and former volunteers are invited to the B!B!E! Volunteer After-party
  • Help Bike!Bike! Everywhere! happen again next year
  • GET INVOLVED! JoIn iN! Poke your nose in! Collaborate! Contribute! GeT In oN ThE AcTiOn! Play a part! Chip in! HeLp oUt! Participate! Take part! DO IT TODAY!!
  • We also are looking for facilitators for workshops on some specific topics for next year.

Questions, Comments, and Discussion


English, Spanish


Organizational Concerns

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