Raising children on a bicycle in the South of Chile

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Bicycles have been part of my life since an early age: they gave me enough independence to get to school on my own (in a small city), get me out of the metro’s routine in Santiago and to discover the city; to use it as a clean, fast and budget-friendly form of transportation when we studied in London; and as a way to move around with our son and the one on the way in Coyhaique, Chile.

The goal of this workshop is to talk about how we can move around the city with kids and to motivate others to do it. To share from our experience living with our son in Coyhaique, with its cold winters, how you can do it and to present different options we’ve tried. We’ll talk about the benefits of riding your bike as a way of transportation, also the limitations we’ve faced in the city and the challenges we have as a society to design cities that are friendly to children’s active mobility since early childhood.


Spanish, English


En Bicicleta con niñes

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