How we can end Built-to-Fail Budget Bicycles!

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Since last year's Bike!BikeEverywhere workshop, our Petition to End the Manufacture and Sale of Built-to-Fail Budget Bicycles has received over 3,350 signatures from bicycle shops, co-ops, mechanics, and advocacy groups around the world, and has gotten some decent media attention! What comes next? We need your help!

Join this workshop to learn how we can use this petition to slow or stop the flow of single-use bicycles into our communities while building infrastructure, institutions and policy that increase access to reliable and repairable bicycles instead!

This facilitated community conversation will 1) remind us of the state of badly-constructed, unsafe, unrepairable budget bikes and the problems they are causing in our communities, and 2) look at system-wide solutions we can all move forward together that center poor and working class and rural populations - including ways to support and grow this current campaign.

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