The Digital Collective: The Opportunities and Challenges of New Media

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Digital media sharing platforms present opportunities for bike collectives to gain more presence online. A strong online presence could result in greater reach, more supporters and more funding. But using these platforms also presents technical/operational issues, privacy concerns and artistic/creative challenges. This will be a facilitated discussion to outline the What/Why/How of using new media. The goal is to inspire individual collectives to better leverage digital media and furthermore inspire digital collaborations between Collectives around the globe.

WHAT is new media? What are the different forms of new media available to/being used by collectives today?

WHY use digital media? How could bike collectives (individually and as a group) be impacted positively/negatively from participating in these platforms?

HOW does your organization use digital media? What are some ways to navigate privacy concerns, creative challenges and technical/operational issues?


English, Spanish


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