Bike!Bike! Everywhere! 2022

November 11 – 13, 2022
Bike!Bike! Everywhere! 2022 poster

Bike!Bike! Everywhere! 2022

Bike!Bike! is an international yearly gathering organized by and for people who engage in bicycle advocacy and bicycle community projects. Usually, it is hosted in person in a different city every year but the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in our community’s annual plans. In 2021, Bike!Bike!Everywhere! was hosted entirely online and was a virtual space where bicycle enthusiasts could share their experiences relating to a variety of topics, such as pandemic management, teaching, mechanics, social impact, better access to bicycles, diversity, equity, inclusion, and more. 

All workshops will have simultaneous interpretation in English and Spanish.

After the success of B!B!E! 2021, we’re seizing the opportunity to continue growing our international bicycle community in a virtual way. 



We are having some technical problems with this website; if registration doesn't work please email Thank you for your patience!


Thank you for completing your registration. We'll see you at Bike!Bike!

Payment is by donation and can be done now or upon arrival. To help us fund the conference, we ask that you pay the registration donation as soon as you can. Thank you.

Workshops and Discussions

If you’re interested in presenting a project/initiative that you or your organization is doing, or leading a workshop to share some new skills you learned, or want to lead a discussion on a topic relating to bicycles and community, or anything similar to this, then please register here.

We were accepting proposals for workshops/presentations/discussions from July 20th to September 6th.


Interpreters (paid)

We are short on interpreters this year. If you have experience with simultaneous interpretation in English and Spanish, please email B!B!E! pays a stipend for interpretation - as much as we are able based on donations.

Tech Volunteers

B!B!E! 2022 will be entirely run online so we need help with “techie” stuff. We can train you! In particular we need your help with: 

  • Zoom - start sessions, make sure people have necessary roles and access, keep an eye out for raised hands, muted audio, etc., stay until the end of the session.
  • Discord - create channels as needed, help people who are having difficulty getting access, etc.
  • Assist workshop facilitators and attendees.
  • Record workshops and upload them to afterward.
  • Troubleshoot when things go wrong or call someone else in to assist.
  • Availability during B!B!E! 2022 November 11 - 13

Get involved in the behind the scenes of B!B!E! 2022 and help make it happen! And we want to thank you!  Letters of reference are available upon request.

Email us right now to sign up!

Also: We are always looking for long-term tech volunteers to help us maintain the BikeCollectives Wiki, managing email lists, supporting other B!B! events, etc. All the things that will help grow and strengthen our global community. Let us know if you or someone you know would like to get involved! 

We’re calling for registrations earlier this year because, since this is an international conference, it will take a bit of time to organize the event based on different time zones and presenters’ availability. 

We’re looking forward to meeting up with, learning from, and building networks with you. 

B!B!E! Organizing Committee


Bike!Bike!Everywhere! is an online VIRTUAL conference. Due to the pandemic and also to make it accessible to anyone regardless of where they’re from. The only thing you need is a computer with a webcam and internet connection.

Bike!Bike!CDMX 2022

Ciudad de Mexico was scheduled to host the in-person version of Bike!Bike! In 2022. Bike!Bike!Everywhere! is in no way trying to replace the in-person version that CDMX may host this year and we’re happy to support and coordinate to make sure that this event is a success. We’ve tried to reach out in various ways but have not received a response as to if/when B!B!CDMX was happening. If someone from the B!B!CDMX team would like to reach out and coordinate further, please email us at

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