Bike!Bike! 2013 - New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

October 2 – 6, 2013
Bike!Bike! 2013 - New Orleans poster

Bike!Bike! 2013 - New Orleans



EVENTS - In addition to the usual menagerie of workshops, Bike!Bike! this year will feature an amazing array of events in celebration of it's 10th Anniversary. Wednesday, there's an Alleycat, Book!Book!, hosted by Nola Alleycat. It's free with Bike!Bike! registration, so register now! (hint) More info: Thurday, there's an amazing free concert at Armstrong Park featuring the Soul Rebels Brass Band and the special 10th Anniversary edition Bike!Bike! Nola Social Ride. This will be a giant group bike ride with hundreds of people showing off New Orleans and the culture here. It will be pretty friggin' awesome. More info: Friday, you'll have your chance to shake your ass off at Booty!Booty! a show featuring some of the Dance Music in New Orleans, from Brass bands to Bounce Artists. You can only attend if you're a registered Bike!Bike! attendee, volunteer, or housing provider. More info: Saturday, it's Bike!Bike!'s 10th Birthday Party. The location's awesome and we're going to feature some New Orleans cultural icons that we don't want to reveal just yet, but it's going to be incredible. Also, there will be amazing bike cake and beer provided by New Belgium. Sunday will be our closer and we're going out with a bang! This is also a little secret, but don't leave before Sunday night or you're going to miss something amazing. We'll send out more details as the time gets closer. FOOD - There will be breakfast every morning, featuring gourmet coffee from local St. Coffee, a constant supporter of bike culture in New Orleans and breakfast prepared by New Orleans' own Community Kitchen, a grass roots non-profit that feeds the needy in New Orleans. We'll need a few dedicated volunteers for setting up food each day and working with Community Kitchen, so please let us know if you're interested. Community Kitchen will also be handling our food needs for lunch on Thursday and Friday and on Saturday, in lieu of lunch we'll be hosting a 6pm Shrimp and Vegetable boil so you can get to the big birthday party with a belly full of yummy. Don't worry, we're making sure that we have as many veg and gluten free options available as possible.


Please be aware that this year's conference will be slightly different than those in the past. Registration will start on Wednesday and will continue throughout the weekend. Workshops will begin Thursday and continue through Saturday. If you plan to attend the entire conference, you should arrive by Wednesday. Sunday will be reserved for socializing, the concluding meeting, and a special, secret event you won't want to miss. The daily schedule of workshops and events will be shifted a bit later in the day (see “Info about New Orleans”).


Registration for the conference will be online only!  Please visit to register. BikeBike can provide housing for you during the conference, but you must register before September 10th to be guaranteed housing.

Please be aware that registration is a 2 step process. First you must register as a user on the website (and please register your organization, too!), THEN, you must register as an atendee if you'd like to register for this year's conference.

If you are absolutely unable to register online, please call us at (504) 272-7266 and leave a voicemail with your contact information.

Once you have registered (or if you are just feeling extra nice) you may pay your registration fee via a paypal donation. We would like to get as many attendees as possible to prepay for registration to help us cover the many costs of running the conference. We are suggesting a $50 – $100 per person registration fee. Please contribute what you are able. Online payment through paypal can be made here:

You can also send a check or money order (no cash) with your payment to:

The New Orleans Community Bike Project
1024 Elysian Fields Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70116

Please include the words "BikeBike" and the names of the attendees being paid for in the memo of your online payment or check.
Thank you!

This conference is a participatory event. Please consider submitting a workshop to facilitate. Here are some examples of past workshops to consider:

  • -Recycled Bike Art
  • -Free Cloud POS / Erply
  • -Paid Employees vs. Volunteers
  • -Volunteer/Employee Burnout
  • -Ladies /Trans Programming
  • -Wheel Building

You're free to propose a workshop after you have registered for this website.


Louisiana law requires bikes to have front and rear reflectors as well as front and rear lights. It does not require helmets.

Biking in New Orleans is a unique experience. There are no hills, however, the streets are riddled with bicycle-eating potholes so keep your eyes open.  There are many streets in New Orleans that are poorly marked, or not marked at all.  Be aware of where you are! Most streets do not run in straight lines, so a street that starts out pointing South may eventually end up pointing Northwest.  Cardinal directions will only serve to confuse.  

Bike theft is rampant in New Orleans.  Do not leave your bike unlocked and out of sight. We highly recommend against using cable locks or any but the toughest chains.  U-locks are the way to go.  Also, the ground is pretty soft here, look out for poles that are not firmly in the ground.

New Orleans is a 24 hour city and many bars and restaurants DO NOT CLOSE. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed outdoors as long as they are not in a glass container.  Please prepare yourself for this paradigm shift as this is the main reason that the schedule of activities is shifted a bit later in the day. Things tend to happen later here to the extent that people conceive of things being on “New Orleans time”. Sociologically New Orleans is a polychronic society like Cuba, Mexico, and Brazil whereas the rest of the country is considered monochronic like Switzerland and Germany. This will impact you.

Smoking is still allowed in many bars.  We will provide information on non-smoking bars for those with concerns.  New Orleans is a primarily cash-based economy.

Credit card acceptance is not as prevalent here as it is in the rest of the US. Bring cash.

Leave your drama, attitude, and guns at home. Dress to Impress. Be Nice or Leave. October can still be very warm. Think summer in the NE.


Bikes will be provided for those who have requested them and register before September 1st.  However, attendees must bring their own lock, lights, and helmet (if they wish).  Also, bring some clothes to screenprint and some killer schwag from your community bike project!



We are looking for New Orleans residents who would be willing to host conference attendees.  If you are interested in providing one or more of our guests with an extra bed, couch, floor, yard, or some other housing space during the conference, please fill out our housing providers form.

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