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Several cooks at Los Angeles Bicycle Kitchen went on a field trip to another community bike shop recently that operated very differently from us, which got us thinking how many different ways are there?

For example, Bicycle Kitchen/La Bici-Cocina has six stands with six different colored tool boards, each with its own set of tools open to all for use ranging from various wrenches (in which 15mm mysteriously disappears) and hex keys to headset cup remover and brake centering tools.

(Picture of BK from our previous location many years ago. It looks more or less the same at the current location but more grimy.)

On the other hand, the other co-op has no tool boards. They hand out a bag of tools at check in, and they are returned and inspected at check-out. This kind of blew our minds. Now we want to know more of what is out there. (We are especially curious to see if you have undergone any transformation in physical operation of your space and if that had any major effect on the vibe of your shop.)

Bicycle Kitchen will give a short presentation of our space and operation processes with pictures discussing its pros and cons + Q&A (less than 10 minutes combined). We welcome you to do the same. In other words, let's give each other a virtual tour of our spaces!




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