Experiments and pedaLudic inventions

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Knowledge is the result of a confrontation game between instinct and knowledge. This battle generates commitment that emerges from a clash, a raw explosion that gives rise to knowledge.We will focus on the problem of assembling a laboratory that thinks and rethinks the limits of the bicycle as a cultural tool in order to propose urban actions. The bicycle as an experimental laboratory, always in motion, rolling, allowing us to understand the world in different ways.

We will present three study projects currently under development in our workshop. Each one of them proposes a particular device, product of the synergy between different trades and knowledge, where our beloved friend the Bike is always the starting point. We will ask ourselves how to build an horizontal and heterogeneous workshop, where the contributions of the participants come together harmoniously to achieve a new great (bike) invention.

  • Project Z: a bike able to roll on railway rails, which experiences a different relationship with landscape. Travel with the Bike through unusual places from unique perspectives.
  • Project G: a bike with graphic expression abilities that leaves traces when riding: it draws, stains, fills its path with color.
  • Project N: a nocturnal bike that collects and transforms environmental energy (light and sound waves), conditioning its own cadence and displacement according to the recorded stimuli, playing music and projecting another luminosity through the city.


  • is it about to invent the bike as a device to perceive urban from a different perspective?
  • is the bike an urban dweller? 
  • are we different inhabitants when we ride a bike? 
  • Are we like centaurs wen riding our bike?


English, Spanish


cultura, arte y diseño

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