Bike!Bike! 2015

Guadalajara, Mexico

October 1 – 4, 2015
Bike!Bike! 2015 poster

Bike!Bike! 2015

You are all invited to Guadalajara, México for Bike!Bike! 2015: An international reunion meant to be a swap-meet for experiences and ideas about community bike projects from collectives that use the bicycle as an excuse to change society, economy and the environment. Non-profit groups that have a community bike shops, cooperatives and other projects that promote the use of the bicycle and that come together to turn their communities into a place where riding is easier, more inclusive, safer and more fun.

The idea is to have a space to see each other face to face and share the experiences we have collected while developing our projects, so that we can build knowledge for all cycling communities, this will make us stronger as a whole and might plant seeds for new projects in other places. It is also an excuse to surround ourselves and build connections with like-minded people that share our passions.

You don't have to be an expert or belong to a huge group, you just need to be willing to share what you know about organization, mechanics, social impact, inequality alternatives, better access to bicycles or knowledge and social issues in your community or city.

We will be thrilled to see you in Guadalajara, México on october 1-4.

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