Pedal Powered Mobile Bicycle Repair Model

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Hey there,

so For the past 5/6 years I’ve had a very successful Pedal Powered Mobile Bicycle Repair model.

started as PWYC, then people started paying me $60-100/hour. And I stopped and set an hourly wage I thought more appropriate to $25/30. I now charge $35/h Plus travel charge. And also teach Safe Cycling Courses and other intro courses to groups at $75/h. As well my latest growth has been to learn how to convert my bicycle to an Ebike, helps a lot! I rode 120-150 km a day in bike repair season and carry 100lbs of bike, tools and materials.

But aside from this obviously being a Great opportunity to make a Good income.

It is in my opinion a revolutionary way to make sure that Access to having ones bike tuned/repaired is not only more

economically accessible (normally ends up being bit cheaper than shops or same price, normally cheaper for multiple bikes) And Always cheaper when folk organize amongst friends or neighbours and everyone splits they travel time charge .

but also logistically accessible-

for the many folk who really need bike fixed on the spot fast- or it’s hard to transport bike to shop and then be a period of time Without bike.

But lastly it is an AMAZING way to really get the basic Cycling education out to the people.

with every visit I always include a 10 min intro on

-Safety checking Bike

  • Simple Self tuning
  • Maintenance
  • as Well as always offering group/family or individual guidance or or on the rode practice for safe cycling technique.

This business model for me is just such a wonderful way for those of us that are passionate about cycling, and want to make a good living, and can do so while making Repair/Repair ED./safety more accessible!

so if youre interested and want to hear any more. Come on out ask questions and I’ll share the details.


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Pedal Powered Mobile Bicycle Repar

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