Do you have an exciting skill to share with us? Want to chat about creating safe community spaces? Want to make sure we fit a good bike ride into the weekend? Propose a workshop! Don’t worry if you’re not an expert, we want to hear about everyone’s experience within the many configurations of community shops we’re coming from.

  • Biking With Babies

    One month ago I went back to work after a nine-month parental leave. Biking around Toronto, where we live, with my daughter Nora has been one of the highlights of my leave, and it’s changed the way I think about bikes and biking. My partner first started carrying Nora by bike as a three-month infant. 

    This workshop will be a guided discussion on carrying kids and babies by bike (before they are able to bike on their own two wheels). We’ll start with a short presentation of perspectives from parents who have carried their kids and babies by bike, followed by a discussion. Some of the ground we hope to cover: what are some of the options for carrying babies and kids by bike? What are some of the hurdles and barriers? What are the (unexpected) benefits? How realistic is it to replace a family car with bikes? How could the bike community, and society at large, shift to make it more accessible and normal to carry babies and kids on bikes? What questions does the group have about carrying kids and babies by bike?

  • Capitalism: Against it, Within it

    7 people are interested in this workshop

    As one of the founding members of a bicycle collective that has been around for almost 14 years, it is still painful to see that the system that our efforts reacted to then is still oppressing and withholding resources from the masses today; that system, of course, is capitalism.

    The point of this workshop is to provide a primer on how our shop (the 816 Bicycle Collective in KCMO, USA) interacts with capitalism. Then, with this in mind, I want to facilitate a discussion around how other shops do the same. The impetus of this is less about being angry that our efforts haven't moved mountains than it is about putting this conversation in the foreground. If we don't talk about capitalism when we talk about fulfilling a need that is based out of capitalism's failures, I believe we are really failing ourselves and the communities that we serve.

    Join me to talk about this and keep this conversation going. As much as I want to put this front and center at our shop in KC, I also want to hear from others. I hope to learn that we're just behind and that this conversation is already being had by other community shops around the world.

  • Creative Reuse in the Bike Shop

    2 people are interested in this workshop

    What useful things have you made out of scrap/trash/surplus bike parts? What bike parts and accessories have you made out of scrap/trash/surplus stuff?

    Have some digital photos ready to share if possible!

  • No Welder: DIY Framebuilding With Common Tools

    2 people are interested in this workshop

    Often, the bikes people donate are not the bikes people need or want. Let's talk about ways to create cargo bikes, recumbents, tallbikes, and more - especially by reusing bikes and parts that would otherwise go in the scrap bin. I'll present a few examples (a couple of my own and some others from around the web), but this is a general show-and-tell session, so get ready to show off your own creations too!

    If you have a no-weld framebuilding or frame modification project, please bring some digital photos!

    Email if you want to plan your part of the presentation in advance, or to see if we can get your project description pre-translated.

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